Names: The long and short of it

I am Varadh(got shortened thanks to my becoming a Global Manager). Many people who know me today in LatinAmerica know me as “Varadh” only. When they say it, it sounds like “Va.ra.J”. The full name, Varadharajan Krishnamoorthy is too much to attempt for them. They ask me and when I say it, they just shake their head in disbelief and call me “Varadh”. Many a times, passing through the hands of the immigration authorities,I have heard a sigh and the comment “a long name”. I always thought, that in return for what they have to type, they keep me waiting longer than necessary.
Many North Indian friends call me “Var.Dha”.
One of my earlier bosses though wrote to me as follows when I wrote to him after becoming “Varadh”.
“Dear varadharajan,
For want of a shorter version allow me to address you the same ways as I used to….
Sometimes, one tends to keep the initial names,languages spoken as permanent identities…..
Nice to hear from you……”
How True!!!
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