Selling APIs in India-LatinAmerica Corridor

A lot of manufacturers request me to sell their product. I tell them, “Everything remaining the same, if you take the order, you are good”. This “everything” is an all encompassing word. It can mean many things.
In API selling(API is Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient),in the India-LatinAmerica corridor, this could mean Product specifications(matching customer requirements), documentation(matching the requirements of the regulatory authorities of the country in which customer is located), price and payment terms(matching competition, if any) and the lead time(adapting to customer requirements and their planning ability). This is mostly “everything” before the first sale. The second time around, the level of efficiency in executing the first sale and the professionalism exhibited get added. There is the after sales process and the effects of it in retaining the customer.
If someone doesnt have any one of these “everything”,which are pre-requisites, they are generally out of the race.(either customers dont respond or they go nowhere with the selling process).
Peter Drucker, a leading management thinker, has put it this way: “The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits…..and sells itself.”
So if “everything” is known(or well, listened to) and available with a provider, marketing the APIs will become superfluous. if you can sell the product once, second time, “everything” remaining the same, it has to sell itself”.
A lot of people think that offering superior value in one of the parameters will compensate for lack of another and when it does not, I try to tell them, “Everything remaining the same, if you get the order, you should be happy” and try to explain it this way.

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