Detailing Features and Benefits

Typically anyone who learns to sell, learns to detail the features and the benefits of the products or services he or she sells. Generally the customer remains very passive when features are detailed and Only when they get to hear the benefits, they show interest or ask questions towards making a decision to buy. The clarity in detailing the features and the benefits before a customer calls for a lot of skill and understanding. Sometimes, the difference between a feature and a benefit is not understood well even by those who market and not detailed well to the customers.Customers are left wondering about the possible benefits. Marketers struggle to sell even if the product has good features.
But it is really easy to differentiate the feature and the benefit. When a feature is considered, one can consider the question “so what?”as being asked from the customer side and answer to the same will give out the benefit of that feature. And readily one can prepare a detailing story of features and respective benefits. This will go a long way in marketing the product well.
I have written a blog on “Detailing Features and Benefits”. So what? It will help you differentiate the features and benefits and sell your product or service to your customers in a better way.
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  1. Being in sales for n number of years, we tend to take certain things for granted. Actually detailing is an excellent tool for sales provided used properly. Many a times we find a person rattling information in the name of detailing without having a captive audience. Detailing if structured can beautifully elucidate to a customer the so-called ” Price – Perceived Value Balance ” so as to hasten the decision making process. One more very important use of detailing is the ” Sandwiching” where a sales person can sandwich a ” not so desirable” feature or Price between two ” highly desirable” features. This is not been done properly by most of the detailing sales people.

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