Branding: Important for small businesses too

When an individual or a group of people start a business, they strive for being credible by performing well with a set of products or services. This creates satisfaction to the customers and when they repeat the performance over a period of time, customers become loyal to them. It is important that this process is captured by way of creating an identity for the business and attach all assets created(like loyalty, quality, trust) during the process of business to this identity. Then all the investments(includes time, energy and money) that goes into building the business gets converted into a Brand(the identity attached to the business). Such a Brand can yield different products or services in different time. These products and services can have individual personalities but the created Brand will give them the common assets built. This way the Brand Creation will help not only current products but extend to products of the future.
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  1. Have you read “No Money Marketing” by Jessie Paul ?

  2. Have you read “no Money Marketing” by Jessie Paul ?

  3. Heard of it. will do. thanks. Varadh

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