Digital Immigrants Vs Digital Natives

It is a prevalent scenario that external sites are blocked and use of social media gets a frown at work place. I know people who spend all their time circumventing the blocks and trying to manage being connected. Why spend time and money on restrictive policies?

A couple of decades back we had seen companies not allowing phone calls for personal use and a decade back the same was the case with email for personal use. But why repeat it with newer social media tools now? The argument of misuse is blown out of proportion most of the times and it is more about the culture of the company and the attitude towards change. Companies who have restrictive policies do not attract good talent and more so with companies going global and with the new generation which is getting used to being connected 24×7.

There are studies that show more productivity at workplace when people are allowed to surf the internet. This goes to prove that companies instead of spending money to block people can bring in a more open culture which brings in more productivity and responsibility.

While some people ask “How can you be connected 24×7?”, younger generation will ask, “How can you not be?”

Using tools like wikis, blogs and social networks improve collaboration and improves communication and hence information flow and paves way for a lot of creative thinking and also adds to problem-solving in a big way.

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