Access Your Data and Apps From Anywhere, 24×7

I went on a business trip to Brasil. I landed on a Saturday and Sunday morning my laptop did not work(when I got it fixed this week, I was told it was a OS problem).

You know the hardship of your laptop Crashing on an important business trip. So actually when you read this, you might imagine that I would have panicked and my trip productivity would have suffered. But I was least bothered about it as none of my emails/files/data is in my laptop. I use “Email on Clouds”  which is web based and it is integrated(emails, contact manager, calendar, chats etc. and I have access through the web for all of them) and also keep all my files on Clouds. My presentations for the customers are on Clouds.

I had a broadband connection in my room at usd4/day but the business centre was charging usd4/30 minutes of internet usage. Hence I tried and got a spare laptop from a friend of mine in SaoPaulo. That just did the job of my own laptop.

While I wanted to write this post, I suddenly remembered that more than a year ago, I had shared my experience(I had not started my blog then) by email in a different way. I give below Verbatim the text of that email here, which could explain the whole thing. We also did a webinar on the same later.

This mail is a result of my personal experience. During the  process of stepping into the fourth year of business, one  thing kept nagging me: How can I manage my ever-increasing  files/data/contacts and keep it available at a click away, to access from anywhere and 24×7? What am I going to do to increase my productivity? How can I manage my repetitive tasks better and hence free-up more time or make my time more productive? How am I going to keep track of various things which need different kinds of follow-up work? Is there a way to reduce my workload and still be more efficient with my necessity and addiction to sharing information every moment of every day? How do I keep pace with a hyper-connected world? Of Course,These are not new questions. But I wanted to find answers from the technology side and take help rather than create more traditional infrastructure(read back office files/more devices/physical offices and people to keep and serve such tasks and a secretary to handle information). I wanted to find a way to go about handling things in an easy accessible way and wanted all my information/data/past-search-results available to me a click  away without depending on my machine or my place and I wanted it to be available 24×7. All these without big new investments(capital expenditure). My college buddy and technology consultant based out of US and operating in a hyper-connected world had a perfect solution to these and much more by what is known to the world as “Cloud Computing”. I found that there is a huge potential for learning to do things with a paradigm shift which not only extends to how we do business but also helps self and business productivity. Cloud Computing can be a huge  “competitive advantage” with the impact of “Now”. Connectivity tools in your hands can help create increase in productivity. My personal story ends here. Now over to you: Some of my friends saw my digital savviness and wanted to learn and hence we have arranged a Webinar (seminar over the web) on CLOUD COMPUTING and what  it can do for you.

Exactly after one year, Cloud based Solutions that I have subscribed kept me calm and undisturbed and ensured my productivity thanks to my being independent of my machine 24×7.

Learn to Access Your Data and Apps From Anywhere, 24×7. Welcome to the world of Cloud Computing.

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