A Precursor to Social Media Strategy

In my last post, I talked about Social Media as a pre-requisite and business necessity to cater to online-customers and the way customers want to be engaged. Sooner or later, it would become difficult for businesses to stay away and not use Social Media as a part of overall strategy. It is necessary for every business or brand to find its way in the altered scenario of doing business through and with Social Media.

Social Media change processes involve changing from one culture to another.Just imposing your recent discovered social media vision, internally on your team, meets with stiff resistance and becomes the sure way to kill it before it has a chance to succeed. You need your team’s cooperation to implement a Social Media Strategy. Social Media will challenge your existing ways so much that it will test the morale of your team. Hence it is important that you prepare your organization for this cultural change. But when you see the pay-back begin, things will improve and move forward smoothly. When you do new things, you also start thinking in new ways.

If the internal team doesn’t have the required skill-sets, Social Media consultants can be hired for focused needs to educate and supplement the team. While working with outside consultants, as a client, you should nominate a few individuals from within, who are forward looking, to work with progressive change processes as the recommendations have to be implemented well. Getting the skill-sets, focus and direction right is only the beginning, the implementation and the follow-through is the toughest part.

Social Media Consultancy is not a profession that is matured. Know what your Social Media consultants can offer. Consultants perspectives on your market and brand may or may not be valid. You should not expect consultants to manage the business for you or to solve all your issues overnight. At best, they can help with ideas and pre-testing the ideas. You should know what you want to do with your brand and consultants can only suggest and endorse the tools of Social Media to achieve the same.

Its time to take the first steps and start now. Buzz me here if you want customized suggestions. Keep visiting here for more in the coming days.

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