Beyond Email: Building More Efficiencies Outside of Email

Email has been and will remain the hub of business activity around which business activities will take place. At the same time one has to become very efficient with Email. Its common that we use Email for every communication from the most important to the most trivial. This often lowers productivity. Email, by nature, is point-to-point communication. If you have too many Cc/Bcc to add,you might end up with email overload thanks to the “boomerang effect” of everyone replying to, even if it is not needed. If you cut down the number of recipients, it could create communication gap. Each email is mostly a single unit and tracking multiple-parties conversations becomes difficult. Most of the time, information inside an email is lost as they become Silos of Data and generally not capitalized by an organization. Does Email contribute to your Organization’s Institutional memories?

Use Email where it is needed. Avoid stretching it too far. For example, for most part of your internal communication, your Organization can use collaboration platforms like Wikis and Internal Blogs and Integrated use of Email with Calendar, Instant Messaging etc.. Reduce Email Overload and Use Tools for Collaboration and Capture Information which can help the Organization use it in a productive manner.

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