Build your Brand Series : Domain based Email

A lot of small and medium businesses use email today. They find using email and connecting to people is a lot more easier.Email helps them be productive and especially reduces their physical visits to clients and clients, in turn, get better service. When I talk to them, all of them agree that email has contributed to their business by way of allowing them to take more work(with specific reference to quantity and time) than before and that more clients prefer to deal with them now due to the ease of communication(read more number of customers). A business owner even told me that he goes through past emails randomly when he has time and often finds some interesting past correspondences and picks-up threads from that and talks to customers updating them on new things. Email makes it possible to have such records and using them.

Most Small and Medium Businesses use popular emails like rediffmail,gmail,yahoo, hotmail and other such generic accounts. While they have a website, not many of them have realized that they can use the domain name simply with their emails. Instead the standard practice is to use company name with generic accounts.(example: The domain name is the thing that comes after the @ in an email address. eg.

Using domain name with the email helps Branding. Especially for start-ups, small and medium businesses who start out to use email should necessarily think of capitalizing on this easy way of promotion of their Brand by using their domain name with their email. The Brand recall will be much better if emails are sent with the domain name and also will look lot more professional and create trust in the minds of the customer.

Email has been and will remain the hub of business activity around which business activities will take place. Hence it is important to use email with your domain name for building your Brand.

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