Build your Brand Series : Extension Of Real World Practices To Social Media

In the grammar of a sales call, Customer Objections are of two types: Real and False Objections. Objection handling is more an art —both real and false objections-of identifying and handling them. It used to happen often in my Medical Representative days. The moment we enter a Physician’s chamber, if we are told by the doctor, “I am busy. Finish in 2 minutes” , it could be real or false(I am not getting into the reasons why it happens). In the given time of 2 minutes, if we were able to speak sensibly and get the doctor interested in the topic, he ended up spending even up to 30 minutes with us.Either the content was good enough for him to change his priorities in those 2 minutes or the content overcame the false objection. Very rarely, we got out in the given 2 minutes time and very rarely the doctor asked us to finish really. Hence we generally start with a presumption that it is a false objection while always being prepared to adapt when it is genuine. Content is crucial in customers allowing us to connect with them.

Even now, when I talk to business owners about Social Media, they often say, “who has the time for such stuff?”, “Looks interesting, but I have no time for anything”, “It is good but I may not have time for follow-up”, “Don’t have time for all these online stuff”. These objections are mostly false and stems from misconceptions. When more and more people are going online for their needs and consumers speak their mind online, these business owners should be asking, “Can I afford not to be connected with Social Media one way or the other? Can I afford not to learn?”. It is very important to “get-in there” in the beginning stages to capitalize the most out of “customer shifts to on-line”. Online communities are growing by the day. Social Media is not a hype.

Social Media is a not a quick-fix solution for your growth. What holds good in real-world practices holds good in Social Media also. I find good business brands manage a human face and voice in their communication in real-world promotion but when it comes to online, they use bloated terms and marketing jargons and make the communication look like press-releases. Understand people are the same in real-world and on-line. Hence communicate as if customers are sitting across you. In real-world, references work. So do with online communities. The power and importance of net-working extends to online the same way. People look for help and provide help in real-world. More so with Social Media. Assisting each other mutually happens more in Social Media as it is much easier. The process of finding right people, connecting to them, building them and growing with them takes time as in building them in real-world. While starting with Social Media is quick, it takes time and effort to build the content of your Brand, make it visible, develop a community around it, earn the trust and respect from customers. Then you will see tangible results which you will be proud of.

Imagine the power of a Computer and an Internet connection and what it can do to your Brand. You can publish Audio, Video, Images and Texts about your Brand for free and get a Global Audience for it. Don’t be Afraid. Don’t Negate. Start and Stay Focussed.

In my earlier days, one of my boss used to say, “Take the risk of showing your product to the customers. They may like it.” More so in the era of Social Media.

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