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I posted Beyond Email: Building More Efficiencies Outside of Email. I had a few immediate feedback from current and prospective customers and they agree that reducing Email through collaboration platforms are the best. But still not all of them want to start there. Hence this post. Email as it is used today can be improved a lot more. Some of the solutions can come within the Email system itself by integrating Email with Calendar, IM and a few other features. Also by enabling your access to them 24×7 and making it machine independent.

The biggest issues with Email (as conveyed by users) are :

  • Email Overload
  • Searching details in past Emails or the Email itself
  • Keeping track of continuity of subjects and actions
  • Dealing with “for your information” and “reply-to-all” copies
  • No real Collaboration
  • Sent-in Errors

My vote is for starting to improve existing habits and making incremental changes close to your systems which leads to more productivity. That gives you the basis and confidence to understand the world of tools and choices that are available to use.

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