Doctors Can Improve Interaction With Patients Through Social Media

With Internet around, search for information have never been easier. It is an obvious fact that patients turn to the internet for health information. The reasons why patients look to internet are rather simple–they look for information and also some emotional reassurance from others who are going through the same experience. They can share information within them and also share information that they had collected from various sites to gain more knowledge.  Also exchange of information online proves invaluable to some. There are individuals who have become highly informed and engaged themselves with invaluable information and support. It is only an additional valuable resource and does not substitute doctors in any way. It helps understand what the doctor explains and helps to be a compliant patient. 

Doctors have to be happy with informed and engaged patients who ask so many questions about their own health care. There are a lot of information circulating on the web and doctors do have a concern on patients getting inaccurate information. Internet search by patients just mean that doctors are not the only source of information for patients.

Instead of asking patients to resist going and finding online information, I would personally wish that more number of practitioners engage in the internet and social media platforms to help educate and guide their own patients and others. I am saying this because doctors are the right people to provide accurate information with authority which the patients can trust and use. Instead of shying away from the internet, Doctors should embrace it. Social Media offers a wonderful opportunity for doctors to improve their interaction with patients. Such a partnering with patients will help both doctors and patients reap the benefits of internet and Social Media.

Have you found useful information online as a patient? Have you discussed that information with your Doctor? What had been the experience?

Dear Doctor Friends, What are your thoughts on  informed and engaged e-patients? Are you looking at using Social Media?

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