Eleven Things To Improve Your Productivity

Ask how does your IT work for you and your business? Why is it Working or Why is it Struggling?

Review these 11 things for your productivity.

  1. Email: Take a look if it is promoting your Brand. Integrate with docs, chat, calendar etc. and Make your email efficient.
  2. Documents : Don’t keep it on your machine. Keep it on Clouds. Get Access to it 24×7. Share documents wherever appropriate. Edit from multi locations. Collaborate. Reduce Emails. Reduce searching documents.
  3. Chats : Use Chats within Email. Save Chats. Convert long chats with details as documents of reference.
  4. Calendar : Share Calendars appropriately. Reap the benefits. Post events from Email to Calendar.
  5. Reminders : To-do lists, reviews, phone-calls, interviews, appointments, webinars etc. Get Reminded. Integrate with email and SMS.
  6. Contacts : Use a Cloud Based Contact manager preferably integrated with your webmail. A big productivity enhancer if you are a networked guy.
  7. Blog : Read Blogs, Comment on Blogs appropriately, Setup and Write blogs, Search Blogs. Blogs of Text, Sound and Video.
  8. Social Networking : Have a presence in Facebook and Twitter. Start Today .
  9. Bookmarks : Highlight text, bookmark, share and use. (I will try to do a full post on this sometime).
  10. Reader : Stay on top of information. Don’t go out to surf the web every time. A reader brings the web to you. A great way to centralize content and be efficient.
  11. Search : Learn to use Search tools to do research on any topic. Learn to save and re-use search results with a few clicks. This can give you a solid edge over your competitors. This can help you contribute to your customers immensely.

Take time to learn and review these periodically and fine tune and see your productivity improve. Get your colleagues to use them the same way. I am saying this from my personal experience. These stand me in good stead and allow me to work with ease and productivity.

You can do all the above right away. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to work with these.

Let me know what you think. If you want to talk about this, feel free to Buzz me here.

Originally posted on http://blog.varadh.com
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