FAQs of Social Media And The Basics


Why should I know about Social Media?

Simply put, Social Media is a set of tools designed for online social interactions. Social Media is changing the way a company or a brand interacts with its customers. Websites don’t engage your customers. Social Media not only engages the customer but also allows interaction between them. Social Networking sites are the places where more and more customers are spending time and consume information. Social Media is not a Hype. 

Do you really think people believe in what is said online and act?

Enough research reports are available to show that people trust in the opinions of like minded people. 

When is the right time for my company to start with Social Media?

Get in Early”. Be there when customers are  in beginning stages of shifts to on-line. Find out where the customers are going and get there first.

Is Social Media the new low cost way of Marketing?

Setting up an account in a social network may be free. Having a a free account alone is not a reason to use social media. It requires your time and costs in terms of strategy, execution, on-going efforts and review time. The same way offline relationships take time, involves work and cannot be based on hard selling, Social Media too involves spending time and contributing to build relationships.

Is Social Media for all?

Yes and No. Its a Yes if you have an objective and wants to achieve it through Social Media Strategy. Its a No if its about ticking the box of Social Networking for a presence. We can have many reasons for both a Yes and a No. It depends on what your goals are.

Which Social Networks should I be present? or Which Social Media tools should I use?

There is no single or universal answer to choosing the right Social Network. Just because Facebook and Twitter are popular, not everyone need to be there or it is going to work for them.  Your choice of network or tools should start and go with your intent of using them and make you achieve those objectives.

Can I ask anyone who knows and uses Social Networking sites for personal use to take care of the account for my Brand?

It may not work. Use of Social Media effectively involves researching on customer profiling(demographics/social behaviour) and engaging them. You have to know who is relevant customer for you and you have to engage them in a meaningful way. You will need a Social Media Strategy.

Will Social Media give me a quick growth?

Growth, yes for sure. But, No Short Cuts to Success. It takes time to connect, share, build and grow with right people. The process of building your content, getting your voice heard, developing a community around it and thus earning trust and respect of your customers takes time. Social Media helps by way of more opportunities, more conversations and hence helps your growth as it creates a lot of synergy and stands your company or brand in good stead. So Start Today. But understand Social Media is not a quick fix for growth.

What is Social Media all about?

Its all about Business. Brand. Objectives. Strategies. Tools. Measurement. Something you do for Something to happen.


Is there something here that you found different than what you originally thought about Social Media?

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