Revisiting LinkedIn

I have been on LinkedIn for a long time now but have not used it well. I decided to make a start to use Linkedin effectively and did the following today:

My Status Updates

I found my twitter feed there, and it didn’t look appropriate to have RTs(retweets) of RTs of all kinds in there. Just because I can have them doesn’t mean I have to import it there. It can be counter productive. So I stopped importing Twitter feed. I shall use status updates selectively for my Business Updates.

Multiple Accounts

I searched for my own name and variations of it and found that I have created different profiles during different stages of my career. Some of them had been left unused and hence I wanted to clean up and have one profile which is current. Unfortunately you cannot merge two accounts in LinkedIn. But I found some useful answers from my search as follows:

To Export Connections from Account to be Closed:

* Log into the account to be closed
* Go to “Connections” in the navigation panel on left side of screen.
* Scroll down and you will find “Export Connections” link, click on it
* On the next page, choose the type of file and click on the blue “Export” button

Once exported, logon to your other account and follow these steps:

* Click on the “Add Connections” button
* On the next page, you will find “Import Contacts” tab, click on it
* Next page, click on the “Other Address Book” button
* Just browse the file and click on “Upload Contacts File” button

To close one of your accounts:

* Click “Account & Settings” on the top of the page
* On the next page, in the “Personal Information” section, click the “Close Your Account” link.

My Blog and Other links

I have my blog feeds imported there. My own blogs and also some from my contacts. I got a suggestion to share my presentations and whitepapers through slideshare or scribd. I intend to do this in the following weeks.

Groups and Discussions

I am already a member in some of the relevant business groups and follow those discussions and also answer where I can contribute.

My LinkedIn Profile

I also established links to my profile in my blog here by way of a pretty blue badge under “Connect With Me”.

My Learning

More importantly I am going to spend some dedicated time and going to look around there to connect, drop a line to people whom I have not spoken for a long time.  Looks like I can do a lot of things through Linkedin. Simply said, I am going to make some healthy habits with my Linkedin network on a periodical basis for using it effectively. Visit here or get my posts through email to your inbox by subscribing(at the right side of this blog)  and I will be sharing my progress with you.

Got some suggestions? Have you been using it better? Feel free to comment.

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