Should Your Company Blog ?

Last post, I wrote about why I started blogging. Now I am starting to have conversations if a company should blog. So this post is about why companies should consider blogging. Should your company blog? My opinion is Yes, all companies should Blog. But, its a No if your company doesn’t have a goal or objective. Its a No, for example, if your company thinks customer comments should be controlled i.e. if your company wants to decide which one of the customer comments should be published.

Why Blog? What does it do to your company or brand? How is it different from the old ways?

Blog makes it possible for anyone to comment and this leads to conversations. Such conversations can bring new potential leads. Such conversations will give you feedback. When you have conversations with customers and conversations between customers, it adds a lot of potential business value. Feedback, New Leads and New Business Value.

Blogs help customers connect to the company as they feel they are talking to a person(unlike a website). They feel heard.

Blogs help state things in a chronological or sequential order and they have more longevity than emails. Permanence.

Blogs are easy to publish and maintain.Blogs help to publish content and create more content with customers. Its a great tool for content marketing. Its a nice way of sharing. Converse, Share and Create. Converse, Create and Share. Create, Share and Converse. Great Value addition.

When there is an email feed and customers subscribe to it, it helps top-of-mind recall with customers. Brand Recall.

Blogs are online versions of your materials and media and hence help customers to refer, share or use it with others. Customers feel equipped to refer. Since they are online versions, they are searchable(by search engines) and hence brings new visitors who can be potential customers. Visibility. New Business.

Should your company blog? What do you think?

Do you want to Blog? Got more questions? Feel free to buzz me here.

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