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In my post Is Social Media A Hype? I wrote

Social Media is not a hype. Recent reports suggest that Social Media site visits is ahead of personal email as online activity and it is growing very fast. Social media visits as numbers are contending with most populated countries in the world. It is not just a hype.

Now another report says Social Networks even get more visits than Search Engines.  To quote from the report,

Facebook accounts for 55% of all UK social networking visits, almost three times as many as the next most popular social network, YouTube. Twitter, one of the fastest growing and most talked about websites of the last two years, is now the third most popular social network in the UK, putting it ahead of former favourites such as Bebo and MySpace.

Social Networks are changing the way information is acquired and discussed. Social Media allows Interaction and Questioning unlike traditional media.  Social Media is changing habits and decision making. Social Media is going to play a big role in the reputation of a Brand and changes consumption decisions.

Have you thought about Social Media Presence for your Brand? What do you think about Social Media? Want to make a start?

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