This Post Is To Thank Social Media

For my Social Media outings,I needed an Avatar. The idea is that my Avatar should represent me. Like in a real meeting, I want people to see me when they visit my profile. I had a few thoughts. But photographers known to me could not understand my ideas of an avatar. I didn’t want to over-enhance my image or pick some random photo and use it. So I waited with my thoughts but didn’t pursue on my own to find someone.

Finally it happened as follows through Twitter :

Vijay was so enthusiastic that he met me immediately to hear and discuss my ideas. Not only he understood what I wanted or what my thoughts were but also he had good experience of shooting avatars and added a lot more to the discussion. The result is . He has displayed what he liked from his work. He had given me a few options to juggle around with my Avatars.

By the way, I haven’t known Kiruba earlier to this. I heard about Kiruba and one of my friends told me that he has been around in Social Media for long now and I decided to follow him on Twitter and also buzzed him about my interest to meet him through an email. While that is yet to happen, this story of photo shoot happened. I will wait to thank Kiruba in person and now this post is to thank Social Media.

Interesting part is, in Social Media Is Not A Hype – Be an early bird, I wrote

Social Networks are changing the way information is acquired and discussed. Social Media is changing habits and decision making. Social Media is going to play a big role in the reputation of a Brand and changes consumption decisions.

Earlier in another post, Build your Brand Series : Extension Of Real World Practices To Social Media I mentioned :

In real-world, references work. So do with online communities. The power and importance of net-working extends to online the same way. People look for help and provide help in real-world. More so with Social Media. Assisting each other mutually happens more in Social Media as it is much easier. The process of finding right people, connecting to them, building them and growing with them takes time as in building them in real-world.

In my earlier days, one of my boss used to say, “Take the risk of showing your product to the customers. They may like it.” More so in the era of Social Media.

Now, do you see it? What do you think? Feel free to share.

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  1. Great Avatar mate. Hats off to Kiruba and Vijay for helping you with this transmogrification- shall I say. Ama

  2. Amar

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