Build Your Brand Series : Social Media for Insurance

I posted Build Your Brand Series : Example of Insurance a few months back. Over the last 5 months, a lot of insurance industry friends agreed with many points in the post. Some of them started checking the answers to my questions in their daily-work- flow and called me up to say that they are getting more convinced. But I am yet to see them jumping into the act.

In my earlier post, I had recommended to start with a blog for content marketing, saying

“Within the Social Media tools, start with a Blog and use it to express yourself to your customers. Concentrate on helping people. If they find your content useful, they will go out and refer to others. If you help in one situation, they are likely to come back. Invite comments.  Be sincere and engage them.”

Read this post on Insurance : Abundant Online Opportunities for Insurance Marketers. The two key points summary are

1. The “conversation” (most likely made up of a rich community of insurance buyers, insurance agents/brokers, journalists, etc.) is already taking place online. This community is actively looking online for content pertaining to insurance. Now it’s time for insurance company marketers to provide the quality content this community is looking for.

2. Blogs and social media both remain relatively untapped online channels for extending the “insurance” conversation. This means blogs and social media also create huge opportunities. For insurance company marketers ready to make the commitment to deliver quality, relevant content on a regular basis, you have an already thriving “insurance” community that’s hungry for content.

Are you convinced? Want to know more? Want to make a start? Feel free to buzz me here.

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