The Power Of Collaboration Through Web As A Business Strategy

When I talk to business community, I talk more about their business objectives and how they can use technology to achieve them. Its more about business strategy using technology.  Today any business increasingly finds the need to transform their business by integrating web-based activities into what they do.  So today’s businesses need to know that the web is changing the business and how to plan a business model inclusive of these changes. So my talks are mostly on how the web is changing business and the relative changes in the landscape of competition.

I earlier posted Access Your Data and Apps 24×7, from Anywhere and Eleven Things To Improve Your Productivity. With just a computer and an internet connection, you can improve your productivity many fold.

In this post we shall discuss about the power of Collaboration @work. Web collaboration is the capability to collaborate via the internet in real time.  Imagine sharing documents and spreadsheets and collaborating with your team or clients in real-time.  Storing them on clouds makes it available to you anywhere with an internet connection for further collaboration.

Why insist on Collaboration?

Collaboration produces more results in less time for less money.  It will help invent different ways to work together. The conversations that are enabled by collaboration will bring immense benefit to the users and also the organization. The processes will become more transparent and efficient. The ease of online collaboration and the shifts in mind-set will bring in a new era of management. When a group of users produce better results due to collaboration, it will attract new users and the whole organization will catch on with the productivity it brings. Collaboration is an important part of your business strategy. 

Why is it difficult to Collaborate?

Collaboration is a new and different way to work together and hence it involves changes in work place.People tend to avoid such productivity when they have a feeling of someone else taking away their credit. People tend to avoid collaboration when there is a feeling of one contributing more than the other. The remedy include shifts in mind-set and experimentation. Bringing in incremental changes and close observation of how those changes work can be a good starting point. When a group of users succeed, it is bound to make the collaboration strategy work.

What will Collaboration achieve?

Collaboration allows knowledge, skill and experience of the group to be shared more effectively. Collaboration allows people to do what otherwise they have not been able to do. This includes making connections, making new conversations, new processes and so on. It brings in new sales, new opportunities, customer satisfaction etc.

Who can use Collaboration Tools?

Practically anyone. Its a real boon to Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs). Even local businesses and local projects can use these business models to a great advantage. 

I have tried to see it, explain it from the user’s perspective. In my interactions with business people, I have gone to the extent of saying, “If you don’t understand the power of collaboration, ……………..”. Simply said, Collaboration is going to be synonymous with “productivity” for the years to come. Collaboration is becoming a need to survive and prosper.


What do you think? How do you Collaborate?

Want to know more about Collaboration Tools that would fit your business ? Please feel free to buzz me here.

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