What Will Social Media Do To My Business?

I get this question often. The starting and ending points of discussions vary, but, by and large, this question is what I get and try to answer. No one can prescribe social media to your business the way medicines are prescribed for better health. With medicines, whether the person understands or not, it works and works the same way. Social Media wont work for you unless you understand and works to the extent of your understanding. Not a quick-fix to your growth.

Understand Social Media tools from your business perspective. Check your wish-list for your business. Is there anything in that wish-list that the new tools will make it possible to do that were previously not possible for you? I think it is a good starting point because you will immediately start seeing things unfold before you.  

Will it drive your sales? Will it help you listen to your prospects, new opportunities, complaints etc… ? Will it lower costs? Which category of customers will you reach through Social Media? Do they matter for your organization?

Ask these and more business questions and do a match-making with Social Media tools. Make a start.

Want to do such an exercise ? Feel free to buzz me here.

Originally posted on http://blog.varadh.com
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