Advantages Of Using A Wiki

Geographically dispersed groups can work together.

Platform for meetings and conference calls.

Capturing ideas post-meetings.

Serves as a repository for documents, specs and reports.

Capturing informal shared notes.

Platform for internal documentation.

Managing group documentation.

Platform for collaboration.

Reduces email overload.

Anyone with an access can edit or create new content.

All it takes is your internet connection and a web browser.

Many inexpensive and free options available.

Whether you are shifting from manual files or from emails, wikis can be made to resemble your old systems to give a lot of comfort and ease of transition and the familiarity to start with.

A training session with the scope of the wiki and tips on navigation will go a long way.

You can start simple and take it to different levels of collaboration over a period of time.

Example of a simple wiki section :

Every employee can have a homepage on the wiki with a recent photo which has a description of responsibilities at work and detailing their interests outside of work. Finding out who the other person is easy and hence goes a long way in tapping a lot of potential inside the organization. New face introduction at the office can happen through this.

So simple yet so powerful. Watch this video for another example:

What do you think? If your organization needs a free Webinar* on this topic, buzz me here.

* Webinar is like a seminar organized over the internet. Instead of attending the seminar physically in a meeting room, you can attend a webinar through an internet connected computer just with a web browser.

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