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People often call me for references from my network. This happens for many things. They always call me over phone or email me for these references. My network serves as a ready-reckoner and I am able to help many times. The connected people are happy and this tribe is growing.

When they read my blog posts, they follow the same thing. Either they call me or send their comments by email. Sometimes they read in their email inbox and hence click reply and send comments. Thanks to all of you who read my blog posts and comment. But there is a more powerful and better alternative.Hence this post.

You know our discussions and references with each other have been fruitful. I request you to extend the same, for the benefit of all, including yourself, by commenting in my blog posts itself. Why? How?


If your comments are posted here, it can be seen by all and becomes an extension of my post and discussions are possible. Someone who reads your comment may comment on that and we can have a good discussion of the topic and the whole thing will enrich my posts. I will also fine-tune my posts accordingly so that it is more useful in future. You can also leave your links (back link to your site) and that will serve as a resource for others to find you. The reason I am building a blog rather than a static website is for this purpose.

How to Comment?

I have enabled OpenID commenting in my blog. So you can use OpenID. If you want to know what OpenID is -visit OpenID. For example Google and Yahoo are OpenID.

If you have a google account, you can straight away use that id to comment.

If you want to know how to use your Yahoo Id as OpenID read this How do I enable my Yahoo! account for OpenID access?

See below how to comment using your OpenID identity.

How do I comment Using my OpenID identity?

Start off by going to the comment page of the post where you’d like to comment. Then, select your OpenID provider from the drop down menu next to the “Sign-in using” option. If your OpenID provider is not on the list, please choose the “Any ID” option.

Next, provide your OpenID login information. After you click “Publish Your Comment,” you will be redirected to your OpenID provider to authenticate your ID. After authenticating with the provider, you will return to the comments page and your comment will automatically be posted. Your comment will appear appear with a OpenID icon to the left of the comment.

Note that your display name is the name sent to us by the OpenID provider. If no display name is given, we will try to derive it from your OpenID URL. This is the name that will be displayed as the author of the comment and will be linked to your OpenID URL.

Look forward to all your comments published along with the post that you are commenting on to derive all the benefits.

Still got questions? Feel free to ask me here.

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