Creative Commons

Have you heard of Creative Commons?

Its an Organization and a non-profit one. They issue what is called as Creative Commons Licenses(equivalent to copy-right licenses) more referred to as Creative Commons.

The creators can communicate how others can use it. It basically allow creators to decide which rights are reserved. The traditional copy-rights are always “all-rights reserved” category. Here the goal is to share intellectual property.

Read more about it here. Search Creative Commons here.

The least restrictive requires only “Attribution”. You will hear words such as “No Derivatives”, “NonCommercial-NoDerivatives”, “ShareAlike” etc…They have easy to understand symbols which denote what you can or cannot do with those works. Check this out at flickr creative commons and you will understand this immediately. Thats how I learnt it.

Now that you know about Creative Commons, learn more on How Does it Work? Why is it Significant? What are the benefits and downsides of it?

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