• No Personal Details(absolutely NO).
  • Preferably combination of alphabets,numbers, characters, punctuations.
  • Minimum 8 characters(longer the better). Around 15 if you can.
  • Use some logic and sequence meaningful only to you so that its easy to remember.
  • Try using a mix of both CAPS and small letters.
  • Avoid Dictionary words in any language.
  • Avoid spelling backwards, abbreviations and sequences.
  • Advisably not the same or similar password across the board for all web applications.
  • You can use phrases that are meaningful to you but use it to scramble,lengthen and to make it complex.
  • Periodically change your passwords or rotate them.
  • Lastly do not tell your passwords to others.

Passwords are the most important when you tend to do everything online.

They are the most ignored.

Give some immediate attention to them.

Never think phising will not happen to you.

If you intend to work and live online, you better start having safe passwords.

Just log in. Change your password.

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