Social Media Strategy : Arrive At a Custom one For Your Business – Part One

You hear a common question, “How is Life?”. Imagine different situations : a boss asking this, a friend asking this, a dad asking this etc… The question is same. Answer to this depends on the two people, one asking the question and the other being asked. The question as such means a lot that it drives you to a point of no answer if not for the context of the two people. Actually the answer is highly a custom one.

Using Social Media Tools is just like that. Highly a custom one.

Understand that Social Media use is part of the business process and strive to develop a smart strategy.

So I don’t start with social media questions. My questions are completely different to my customers. Here are some examples.


How are you currently listening to your customers, market and competitors? This tells you the need and scope for listening tools. Basis the scope and answers, you can pick a couple of social media tools and start using to see if it makes a difference.

The selection of Social Media tools becomes crucial because it not only helps the organization monitor their brand but also the lack of reliable tools could have a negative impact on the brand.


How do you reach your customers? Traditional and on-line? How many customers of yours use internet? How do you reach them? What is your strategy for new customers? new markets?

Part of the Social Media strategy is to identify the networks where target customers flock, the nature of the social networks, geography, etc… The Social Media strategy should maximize the impact on these networks at a lower cost.


Where have you made your profile available for all to see? Is it easily available to be seen and be referred? Is it only your website? Are you available with your profile in social networks? Do you use outposts to promote what you post in your home page? What is the advantage? How do you make your profile more visible increasingly?

Social media tools help businesses establish their presence on the web, optimize their business processes and interact with their customers.

You can pick every area of your professional and business activity and can come up with right set of Social Media tools.

Want to do an exercise with a questionnaire for your organization? Feel free to buzz me here.

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