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Yesterday I read the blog post Wake up! contribute to the startup ecosystem and to quote Vivek

An entrepreneur’s life is a fast paced one, sit on a Sunday and look back at the amount of things you have learnt/done, you would know what I am talking about. But what really happens to all those learnings? – it’s either stuck in his head or maybe propagates a little to his co-founder. Bottom-line, it adds little value to the startup ecosystem.

The above post is all about sharing and contributing to the ecosystem. It made me think all through and am just trying to present my thoughts on sharing and listening for the answers that we need in our professional or personal lives.

All of us have a lot of questions. Some get answered immediately with known people around us. Some are within us for a long time to be answered. Not that we need to seek answers for all kinds of questions as some of them don’t affect the immediate needs. Some questions are fundamental and keep us intrigued for a long time. At various points of time we try to put bits and pieces to solve our dilemmas and master the understanding.

One such question in life is what makes people tick and do right things so perfectly. Consider this question from the point of professional success for the scope of this post. Especially from the point of view of an entrepreneur.

Traditionally we have looked up to speeches/quotes by highly successful people  and tried to make sense of it with respect to our own questions or convert them to suitable answers of our own questions. When successful people(those who claim who had been there and done it kind) speak out, there is a lot of effervescence, enthusiasm and hype(exceptions make the rule). Looks like everything they say looks perfect and easy. It looks as if we just have to go out and repeat it. We seem to have understood and we clap or are in awe about it. It gives us the pep we need. But in practicality it doesn’t work for us. This question of why it doesn’t work has been with me for a few years(till I got out of a job and opened my own shop, the awe was enough and what I heard never had to be implemented and validated).

Recently in one of the conferences, someone during his speech spilled the answer for me. The answer I got is this: Highly successful people or achievers present the facts in a way that it suits their current standing as successful people(mostly so with some exceptions). Or with respect to how people look at them today. This post is not about why they do so.  It is about our understanding of it. What we get to hear is kind of half-said, half-truth or half-answer. When you hear such speeches, you have more questions to ask and might like to drill the person to get the other half. In traditional speeches that we hear, such interactions are difficult or impossible.

If you look at people who are trying to cross the bridge of success and have a lot to contribute, they don’t get chances in traditional platforms and try to share it within their sphere of activity and give-up for want of an audience. That’s why the new age tools like Blogs can contribute in a big way. People can just share as their part of contribution and make it available to everyone, other people can search and find out such blogs and more importantly interactions are possible by way of comments from others and Q&As.

So over a period of time, we get trained to filter the hype and shed our own fancies and learn the meaning of the humble Kural(423) which states that

When you listen to whatever subject whoever tells finding out the truth in it is knowledge.

(epporul yaaryaarvaik ketpinum apporul meiporul kaanba tharivu).

The new age tools if used properly can contribute tremendously. But, as Vivek points out, we need to wake up to realities and contribute to the eco system.  He talks about learning how to sell. Hope my 15 years of selling experience with products and concepts can come in handy to contribute to the ecosystem by way of sharing.

Look for more in this space.

Feel free to comment and feel free to buzz me.

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  1. Nice post. This gives a new twist. Whether Self Improvement / Management Books are of relevance?

  2. @Sriram Thanks. Yes I think they are relevant as they sometimes help us fine-tune the questions and indicate the direction towards possible answers.

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