Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(API) Business Development Process With Latin America

The above map is my attempt to capture the process of an API development work within the markets of Latin America. When you apply the above to various markets within Latin America, the list may have relevance partly or fully. There are many subsets of the above from a simple no-registration selling to a 3-year registration cycle with all the requirements detailed out there. API selling process is market specific and product specific. The customer specific things are narrowing down to the extent of commercial side of discussions only.

I will write about the timing, sequence and best practices some other time.

Above is the check-list I useĀ  to discuss API development cycle, track and evaluate the current status of an API project, draw a time-line schedule, forecast sales.

What check-list do you follow for tracking the same?

I invite you to comment on what I have missed in the charts, which of them you think have more dimensions than I have thought of and any additional perspectives that you can point to.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Varadh , Varadh …

    best encapsulated info on any market so far by any one on LATAM..

    Trust this gives maturity to people understand the intricacies of business development and not the reason to profess themselves as expert in Latin with this simple but very complex model of the tough market !!

  2. @Amit Thanks Amit for your comments.

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