Build Your Brand Series : Learn What Has Changed With The Consumers

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A decade back, only companies had a web presence(or at least thought of it). Now, domain names are more accessible and affordable. Open source technologies has vastly cut down the price of web hosting. This has led to more web developers making the technology accessible for all at low cost.

Being connected is second nature to most of us today. Having a domain name, web hosting space, web developer and graphic designer were pre-requisites for a web presence. Not any more. Even with just a social site, you can have your personal space in the internet world and connect with others. Hence, increasingly consumers have an online social presence now.

So What?

Today such easy web presence makes it possible to share whatever we find relevant with others. It is easy to share a criticism or our disapproval. It is easy to share reviews both positive and negative. If it goes viral, it can influence others and it can promote or affect a business. As we know, negative publicity travels even more.

Search function also has changed over time. Today social media results find their way to the top of search results and hence the importance of online consumers is much more as online reviews can get more eyeballs and can tend to affect the business. This has changed the game for businesses.

Hence Marketers should realize this change that there are conversations between consumers regardless of the brand’s participation and shift from their traditional practices of broadcast to a two-way conversation with consumers. 

Start early and join an audience who may be willing to listen.

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