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When we seek out information about a particular product, what do we do today? Most of us turn the computer on (if it is not always switched on) and look for that information by way of search and, in addition, look for reviews and endorsements from others to get a hang of it. If we had been asked about it by someone else or if we had discussed the product with someone else, we tend to pass on the relevant articles, videos, pictures or posts to others.  The trend shows that there is more trust on the reviews of peer groups or other users than the words of the representative of the company marketing the same. Or at least consumers tend to check it out.

Yes or No?

If yes and if you are a Marketer, do you think your product or service is an answer to a question? Do you think your customer is among those who now flock to the internet to find answers and get what they want? Would you like to have the advantage of your product or service being discovered by such prospective customers?

If yes, I would say its time that you talk about your products and services to people who are looking for solutions online. As a marketer you should connect your company and brand(s) to consumers online if you are interested in your business and growth.

Social Media is people talking to people.

When one person receives your message well, they tend to tell others. You get additional supporters. With proper content and right targeting, you can grow this tribe. These set of people will become your loyal ambassadors and help you reach out. It is easier done online as it is easy to spread. Social Media Marketing boosts traffic to your content as people pass on relevant results to their peers. 

Since conversations in social media about you or your brand can happen irrespective of your presence, it is all the more important that you be present, participate and engage with social media to grow your brands. This way you will have a chance to defend and explain when you have negative comments and hence will have a chance to convert criticisms into an opportunity for business.

A marketer can use online social channels to reach out a larger community than what is possible the traditional way.  Social Media Marketing also does not interfere with your traditional marketing. But gets you more eyeballs to start with.

What do you think? Are you ready?

I am in the process of working with businesses gearing up to harness the potential of Social Media Marketing. I will be sharing the gist of such discussions here. So, stay tuned or Read them in your Email Inbox.

Got questions? Post it. Feel free to discuss in the comments section or buzz me here.

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