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Social Media Tools vs Strategy

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When I discuss social media, I get mixed reactions. Sometimes it looks to you like it doesn’t make sense. Let me tell you what I think.
For people who are not there yet, it will be difficult to realize the potential. I can show examples of other businesses or other areas which has leveraged Social Media’s incredible power.  If relationships are important for your success, you can see how social media can help relationships. Look at the functional utility of social media tools for communication and networking to build those relationships. Its also an opportunity to tell about yourselves. And your customers want to know.You should learn to conduct professional dialog through those wonderful tools.
If your business is not for in-person socialization, then you have no reason for online socialization. If you have no reason to connect, you will keep to yourselves. That holds good for online social interactions also. You may consider it a waste. You connect for a reason. Unless you link your real reasons(goals/objectives) to social media, expect a poor showing with the tools alone.
The real power will be realized when you hit critical mass. But you should imagine how it would all look when everyone arrives and is highly populated.
There is a growing tide of consumers going online. What’s your answer to them? How are you going to engage them?What’s your answer to a customer who wants to have real time dialog? Ask yourselves.
You need to be able to adapt to changes in the marketplace.

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