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Thermometer Fever

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My 7 year old son asked me(sometime ago) why do people get fever?

I simply explained its the body’s way of saying that something is not all right. I also told him swelling, fever, pain and redness are the four ways that the body tells us that something is wrong in our body. Its body’s way of warning you so that you will go to the doctor and check what is wrong. Hence this helps us.

I didn’t go further and confuse him with words like “inflammation” or explain the process of inflammation. Don’t worry, I will not do it here also.

Celcus described these four classical signs and the traditional names from Latin are Dolor(pain), Calor(heat), Rubor(redness) and Tumor(swelling). The fifth sign of Loss of function was added later.

The acronym that is used for this is PRISH (pain, redness, immobility, swelling and heat).

Today my son had a slight swelling (some normal insect bite) and asks me, “now that it has informed me, why cant it go now?”

I wish life were that easy. I had no answer today.

I remembered a Dennis cartoon where Dennis asks the doctor who is about to given an injection to him, “I said I have a running nose. How does pricking me there helps it?”

Now to the objective of this post.

Are there classical warning signs like these for “business trouble or failure”? If so, what would be those? Are there interesting analogies that anyone had thought of for business?

Or am I stretching my thoughts too far? Let me know what you think.

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