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2011 is already on. I am writing this on the last day of the first month.

I wanted to write/share and had set up my blog long back. I kept thinking about things that I should be writing and sharing, day-in and day-out. But I never made a note of them. I never wrote. Hence I never published them.

But all the great bloggers I have read, keep advising on the importance of capturing the thoughts as they occur and keeping those notes and then developing them or to finish it as a post. I see a lot of advise on “writing everyday”. And very importantly, to publish them.

Finally I seem to have got the hang of it. 

I note down points whenever wherever it occurs to me.  Some times I save my thoughts as draft SMS. Sometimes with a pen and paper. Sometimes I email them to myself. Sometimes as outline or a draft post. I am working one bit at a time and then sit down to give finishing touches. When I think I am done, I publish them.

Result: I have posted at least one blog post a day in 2011 so far.

I have started receiving feedback that the posts are getting better by the day. Most of the time when I speak to people, they make a special mention of my blog posts and about their reading them. Nothing more I need, to keep up to it.

Keep reading. Keep commenting. And I will work to keep them coming.

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