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I was watching the kids do some home-work. There was an exercise on framing questions for my son. He was asking me questions. That made me nostalgic about the training sessions where I learnt a lot about questions.

As sales professionals, we are always aware of the need for two-way conversations. A right question at the right moment opens up possibilities with customers. That’s the key to conversations with customers.

Questions are important.  Eliciting “Good Question” from anyone is always a strong compliment.

Questions are of different nature. I can think of some.

    • Information seeking, thought provoking open-ended neutral questions like “How does one learn Social Media?”
    • Information checking closed-ended neutral questions like “Are you using Social Media in Marketing?”
    • Focusing, guiding, thought influencing open-ended influenced questions like “What are the benefits of Social Media?”
    • Manipulative, confirming closed-ended influenced questions like “Don’t you think Social Media is a hype?”

Quality questions invite quality answers. To do things differently, we must ask different questions. Ability to ask right questions lead us everywhere.

I have a liking for articles which are of Q&A type as they not only answer our questions but also teach us how to ask questions. I did my whitepaper($500 worth for free download) as a Q&A.

Do you know Quora?

Quora  is a continually improving collection of Q&A. In Quora, You can browse and also answer questions if you feel that you can answer. I am yet to play around there and learn more.  I think it would be a good place to observe and learn how to ask questions that elicit good answers.

How do you ask questions? Feel free to share them.

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