Habits Of Free Markets of Information

I speak about collaboration all the time. The power of collaboration through web as a business strategy is never over emphasised considering its potential.

I find that one of the main reasons for people resistant to collaborate is  reluctance to give or share. You need not have fear of others taking it away. You can be cheerful about the fact that giving where ever and what ever you can,  opens up new gates. It opens up a new world where you can learn new skills, gain new expertise, develop new capabilities and can constantly reinvent you.

Free markets of information are driving decision-making and consumption decisions and hence will drive brand reputations. People want more information from the sources that they trust. The information acquisition habits have changed now. The rules are changing so quickly. It is impossible to overstate the impact of such a change. Hence there is lot of value in giving or sharing. We need to adapt to the new and different ways to work together. There is a need for mind set shifts. We need to inculcate it as a habit if we have to win.

Though everyone gives, some share naturally and more than others. They win hands down.

I am reminded of the story of Karna whose name is synonymous with “Giving”. Karna and Arjuna are considered to be two of the greatest of warriors in Mahabharata. The parallels between them and their rivalry are well-known and famous. Karna is adored for his generosity. One day Arjuna asks Krishna(his friend) why Karna is adored so much when everyone can give in this world and what’s so special about the generosity of Karna. Krishna decides to show the difference. One rainy day, Krishna approaches Arjuna, disguised as an old man, and asks him for a dry log of wood. Arjuna searches everywhere and says sorry  that he could not find a dry wood and everything is wet due to rain. Krishna then tells Arjuna to watch what happens when he does the same thing with Karna. Krishna then approaches Karna as an old man and asks him for a dry log of wood. Karna looks around and not finding a dry log of wood, picks up his axe and cuts off a portion of his house’s sandalwood door and hands it to the old man saying that he could not find a dry log of wood and hopes that this will suit the old man’s purpose. Arjuna realises why Karna is adored.

Giving is a habit. Today with global online connectivity and global communities such a habit can get you a payback in new and startlingly different ways from new and until recently unknown sources. That’s  a big incentive to make giving a life-habit.

What’s your habit of giving? How do you feel when you give? Feel free to share them here.

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