Love It, Hate It, But Can’t Ignore It

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Wishing you A Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011.  Let me share a few things about Changing Ways of Life.

Do you do any of the following?

Use Computers

Having a Broadband connection

Getting online

Use Mobile Phones/Smart Phones

Use digital cameras

Do you browse, search, read blogs, look at pictures, listen to music and watch videos online?

Have you created profiles in social networks, browse on them? Do you send links on email, send messages?

Will you say that you are wasting a lot of time or being productive using these?

Probably both. Its both a blessing and a disturbance.

Big, Small, young and old : everyone is connected now. Being connected is second nature now.  Txt messaging and web activity are second nature now.

How did we do things when all of these were unavailable to us? How did we meet up in the evenings before mobile phones or SMS? Pre-internet years….Ummm….thinking….

Many a times, I had said to my wife and kids : Give me a minute… and later looked up to see that it had been half-an-hour and that they had carried on understanding(dropping!!) me. From being productive to getting addicted, online connectivity has changed our lives and how we spend our time, both at work and at leisure. There is no demarcation of online and offline existence.

If it has not happened to you yet, its only a matter of time before you realize it.  Its already a way of life and becoming the means of survival for all of us.

What do you think?

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