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Simply said, Do what is right.

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A small town petrol bunk. A young man works there. He does everything over there faithful to his boss who is the owner.  A regular customer with his luxury car arrives at the gas station. The young man recognises the occupant. People say that he owns half the town.

The driver of the car gets down and has a small conversation with the occupant. He comes over to the young man and explains that his master forgot the wallet. He demands that the young man fills the gas and the bunk will get paid later. They have an animated conversation.

The driver returns to the car to share what he didn’t believe he just heard. The young man refuses credit. The big man inside is in a dilemma.

He calls the young man and asks him what’s the issue.

The young man says

“Dear Sir, I know you well and I know who you are. I understand the situation. I also have my boss’s instruction not to give any credit whomsoever it be. So I give you a solution. I have some money with me. I will fill the gas for that. You can later return it through your driver.”

The man fills the gas and later returns the money and sends an open invitation and an open offer for the young man to come and join his business anytime.

The young man narrates this to his boss and the boss is proud of his boy’s actions. The boss counsels that the offer is a great opportunity and bids him adieu. The young man’s life changes forever.

This is a real incident and had stayed with me as a story for a long time.

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes—Mahatma Gandhi.

There are lots of stories that stay with us from real-life and shapes us up. What are yours? Feel free to share them.

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