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I am giving webinars on topics titled around “Pharma and Social Media”. The webinars are customized to the Indian scenario of Domestic Formulations Marketing as it exists today. The audience sometimes are a group of people from various functions within a company or a group of marketing people from various pharma companies. The topic and content has customized variations. But the central theme remains that of discussing  “Pharma Marketing: Looking at untapped potential”.

I am working on the following areas :

Pharma Marketing: Current Scenario

  • The job of a pharma representative
  • The market place and the access
  • The job as executed today
  • Current feedback systems
  • Current issues

What Pharma Can Do

  • To create a two-way dialogue
  • To listen more
  • To evaluate and validate the feedback
  • To influence the prescription behaviour
  • To participate in Physician-Patient relationship

Pharma And Social Media

  • Restrictive nature of pharma Promotions
  • Nature of Social Media
  • The Pharma Opportunity
  • Examples
  • The Future Pharma Company

Stay tuned. There will be a recorded webinar version posted here which will touch upon the above ideas.

Let me know what you think of the current Pharma scenario. Is there anything that I should add to this? Feel free to share. Buzz me for a customized Webinar.

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