Physician-Patient Relationship : Pharma Opportunity

In my previous article What Pharma Marketers Can do, I commented “My favourite suggestion starts with working around patient-physician relationships and pharma participating there.”

Doctors are currently struggling with this phenomenon of ePatients going with a overload of information. Most of the times the doctors don’t have the time. They might be looking forward to redirect them to authentic information.

Pharma has a huge potential of turning this to an opportunity.

    Read this good article Googling Symptoms Helps Patients and Doctors by DR. ZACHARY F. MEISEL. Quoting from it,

    Doctors are going to have to realize that often patients are doing the absolutely best thing for themselves by going online before the office visit. Clinicians will need to learn for themselves which are the best sources of patient-oriented Internet-based information so that when the patient does go in confused by wrong or poorly organized online data, the efforts can be redirected as opposed to dismissed.

    Of course, many patients are going to discover the best online health information way before their doctors do. They, too, have a responsibility: patients will need to signal to their doctor how they conducted their search in a way that was smart, directed and grounded in evidence. Only then will the Google stack be recognized and used in a helpful, not counterproductive, fashion.

    My top three suggestions out of many would be these.

    • Patient facing websites
    • Blogging
    • Conferences for patients without treatment recommendations or product promotions

    Some of these are done in traditional marketing in a different way. But now it can be done on a large scale and more effectively online where ePatients can be catered to.

    Of course, these have to be customized and executed(within the regulatory framework) in sync with the company’s objectives and its policies.

    What do you think Pharma can do to help ePatients and also earn goodwill that can translate into a top-of-the-mind-recall with doctors when it comes to prescriptions?

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