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The above fb update of mine and the comment set me thinking why “putting ideas to work” is a challenge.  Also I have used the words “thoughts”.  When I hear Ideas, automatically my thoughts go to the implementation part.

Ideas, like Advise, are everywhere(a dime a dozen?). They are available in plenty and cheap. In simple terms, implementation is the key. 

There could be so many opinions on such a topic. I am sharing with you a few places where implementing ideas have become a challenge as I had observed.

I feel that most of the times borrowed ideas don’t work. From individuals to organisations, everyone borrow ideas and try to implement and that doesn’t work because ideas have to go with people. Ideas have to go with culture. Hence even if you borrow ideas, you have to customize them to suit you, your set of people and culture. 

Ideas have to be tested. Even before testing, people get too attached to those ideas and when it is not working refuse to let it go.

Home grown or borrowed, ideas have to be shared with others for hunches and validated. Where good Ideas come from by Steven Johnson is a good video in this context.

Ideas work only when people who have to implement start owning them. That will happen only when they have the opportunity to participate and express their view.

My favourite statement: It takes two people to make a great idea work. One who has the idea and the other who can make it work.

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