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All of us know the importance of questions. Asking questions and drawing up a checklist is important for all of us in both professional and personal lives. I am sharing with you some of the questions that I use.


What are my plans to-day?

Did I adhere and finish the day’s plans?


What did I accomplish last week?

How is next week looking?


Did I pay all my bills on time?

Is my cash-flow looking ok (for what I am doing and plan to do)?

How is the overall view of previous 4 weeks Q&A looking?


Where did money come from?

What was it spent on?

How does the next year look?

What does the last 12 months activities show?

Am I enjoying what I am doing? Is there work-life balance?

What are the 3 things that I should change?

These are the questions that I ask myself.  That doesn’t mean I always have the desired answers. But consistently asking and answering them helps me a lot.

What are the questions that you ask? List them and see. Feel free to share them.

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