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A few months back I said that I am going to make some healthy habits with my Linkedin (click and read this) network on a periodical basis for using it effectively.

Let me share what I have done from then till now.

  • I use an Avatar now (Avatar(computing) is the graphical representation of a user or a computer user’s representation of himself/herself).
  • I genuinely share
  • I network
  • Try to submit stories which I think is of high quality
  • I try to share news that my connections can use faster than their finding it themselves elsewhere
  • Try to get feedback of what my networking community likes or dislikes
  • Dedicate a lot of time to the tasks
  • Try to help friends out there in my connections
  • As I explore the features of LinkedIn, have shared some comments with LinkedIn on how they can make LinkedIn better.

I am understanding a lot and trying to listen more to my audience. I am forming real relationships out there with my profile and through my connections.

How do you use your LinkedIn account? 

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