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Social media communication is a big challenge.

It should not be done like a broadcast or a press release. It should not be a sales talk.

It has to be participatory. Online Social Interactions using social media tools, to be precise, is Social Media Communication.

It has to sound human. You need to learn to talk to people through social media the way you will talk in person.  This becomes challenging in the absence of in-person dialogue with voice and intonation, expression of the face, gestures and non-verbal communication.

You can still retain your clarity of message, simplicity of words, examples and pictures, visual aids and a positive attitude through words.

Communication with transparency towards engagement earns you trust of the community that you are with. If you are transparent, you can overcome the fear of message that you will not be able to control. Mistakes do happen and hence owning up and making good on your promises will help handle them.

Listen to conversations and respond/acknowledge to foster relationships. Show you are willing to take feedback and act on it. Respond in kind.

Conversations will happen with or without you. It’s best that they happen with you.

They are real conversations. They are real relationships. They are real business.

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