Social Media Is People Talking To People

Social Media  is a set of  online tools for Online Social Interactions
  Two Way Conversations
  Facilitated Conversations
  Organic Conversations
  Public Conversations
  Engaged Conversations

Being Part Of The Conversation

  Listening And Talking
  Capitalizing On Word Of Mouth
  Harnessing Ideas


I have said it in as many words just to emphasize the BIG importance of the two-way dialogue in Social Media. As the title says, it is about people talking to people.  But you need to know a lot more to do this right. Today consumers trust stories or recommendations from peers a lot more than a marketer’s words.  Even if the conversations are about you or your brand, today, you may or may not be the host and the conversations will happen irrespective of your participation. 

So learn to join an audience who may already be waiting and willing to listen.

Click Here for further reading on Social Media : Building Trust On Your Brands Using Social Media Tools. This white paper covers the following:

Introduction, Understanding, Where To Start, Choosing The Tools, App Stores, Selecting Right Set Of Tools, Game-Changing Rules, PR Challenges, Examples, Good Practices For A Better ROI, Measuring The Impact And Tools, Security, Conclusion.

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