South Indian Coffee(kaapi) In Pictures

A lot of people who visit south India fall in love with “The South Indian Decoction Coffee”. Recently one of my status update about cofee(kaapi in tamizh) in facebook on a chill(Jill in Tamizh) morning provoked so much of comments and discussions. The “decoction-coffee” making filter and also the pair of davara and tumbler goes with the kaapi. Gifts of good beans, coffee mugs and coffee discussions are never misplaced. This post in pictures is about how we prepare that South Indian Decoction Coffee  at home . There is no one-way to make it. There are lots of variations. This is my story. My Grandma used to buy the bean, roast it at home and use a manual grinding machine everyday morning and evening to make her powder. Nothing less would suffice. I have not yet reached that kind of sophistication. Incidentally I am at my Grandma’s place writing this. Over to the pictures of the coffee story now.



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  1. Thanks mate. Am I glad that you obliged….mail me the pics if you can please? Cheers

    Always wondered, how long does the drip take? Is it a tradition to keep the filter running overnight or is this a part of the Kaapi Mythology? I am told people use muslin/ parchment paper too.

  2. The drip takes only a few seconds to start and within a few minutes you will have enough to make the coffee. After preparing the coffee, hold the filter above the coffee made to make a few drips fall on top of the prepared coffee(act of more seasoning). nothing more. Will mail the pics. buzz me the email id where you need it to be sent.
    Happy that you liked it.

  3. suuperaa vanthu oru filter coffee kudichen..:) photo by photo pootu kalakkitel. Good post boss!..:) dication yeranga aarambichi 5 mints kalichu topla irukkum modiyai oru thadavai ‘ting’ ‘ting’-nu thattanumey illaiyaa..:)

  4. @Thakkudu : My pleasure. Thanks for the compliments. Since the guests who will try this filter kaapi are in different parts of the world, I consciously omitted the “ting ting” for fear of what it would mean to them.

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