The Old Order Changeth Yielding Place To New

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Marketing has to evolve.

Before :

The mantra was sell,sell,sell

Marketers talked and the audience listened

Marketers had full control of the messages

Power of Brands were with Marketers

Old marketing tactics worked well


The mantra is to listen, listen, listen and give, give,give

Audience is part of the conversations

Marketers have little or no control of the messages

Power of Brands are with Consumers

Consumers have a voice and it is getting louder by the day

What has led to this change?

People talking to people.

People trusting their peers more than marketers. In a survey result it was shown that 90% of respondents trusted completely or somewhat recommendations from people they know and  70% trust consumer opinions posted online. (source: page 3 chart 1 nielsen survey)

Marketing has to evolve. The New Marketing3.0 is very different from the past.

A close friend of mine pointed out early in my social media learning curve that an attempt to use old age marketing strategies with new age tools is a sure way to fail. I should say that warning has stood me and my customers in good stead. Same way, old metrics dont apply meaningfully for measurement of today’s marketing success. You need to think through this change.

Your customer, your critic and your ambassadors are changing. Your competitors are changing with them. Its not about level playing field anymore, it is pretty much open to anyone who wants to be there. 

There are some who are doing it, some who are struggling and some refusing to see the change.

What about you? What are your thoughts? What changes do you see? Is there anything that you have successfully changed from the old to the new?  Feel free to share them. I would love to listen.

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