Using Social Media Tools for Public Relations

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Public Relations (PR) and Social Media both involve the human touch and hence using Social Media tools go a long way in PR.

PR can use social media in many ways that will stand as a solid support to the company. Using Social Media tools, PR can converse with everyone, reach influential people, answer queries about the company, answer investors,  enlighten customers about products and even do some good marketing for the firm.

Press Releases which are the mainstay of PR can today be done with embedded multimedia and distributed through various channels and Social Media for a popular reach. They can also iterate the content for various audiences.

You can provide useful backlinks through Social Media sites for new audiences.

The job of measuring Social Media RoI is best collated and looked at by the PR and hence PR should get themselves familiar with all the tools used by the company.

Twitter, Blog and Facebook can be used by PR as tools to achieve the PR objectives. You can keep one centrepiece and promote through other tools.

How do you manage your PR encompassing Social Media tools?

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