Well-Seen Is Half Done


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I went to meet a prospective customer yesterday. As usual I had gone well prepared with my sales pitch. Not to forget recent developments, I had made a list of things to tell him and show him too.

I was very surprised about how our meeting went.

Even before the customary greetings, he said, “Hi Varadh, I see you everywhere nowadays”.

I wasn’t sure what he meant, so I said, “Me?”

He continued, “Yes. I see your updates all the time. I see your blog posts. I read an article recently and I was surprised that you had already commented on the article. So, what’s happening, you seem to be everywhere?”

Really this is the first time a sales call had opened like this in my 20+ years of experience. As a sales person, I cant expect a call to open better than this.

All through the conversation, it was easier for me to state things and make him see my points as he had already followed my thoughts online and could relate a lot to what I was saying. The meeting just went great.

I think it is a great way to connect and we can allow visibility and presence to work as a helping hand.

Do your customers see you everywhere nowadays?

Well-seen Is Half Done today. So begin now.

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