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You are a marketing manager with pharma brands. You have 20+ brands or may be much more. You have a big sales force of representatives. You have area managers, regional, divisional, zonal and national sales managers making their efforts with the market place including your representatives as ambassadors, doctors, distributors and chemists under your able guidance. Month after month you are pushing your targets. Campaign after campaign you are planning new strategies with promotional materials including new visual aids,  physicians samples and gifts. 

List of activities done by a Pharma representative is already big. Also it has become common place. Every company does that.  Doing that efficiently is a big challenge, by itself, leave alone differentiation from your competitors.

“Pharma and Social Media” Webinars concentrate on new ideas for Pharma Marketing.  Take a look at the scope of the topic. You can take a look at few examples of how pharma is using social media tools as quoted in this whitepaper.

Think of what objectives you can achieve through social media and what kind of tools would make you do that. My favourite suggestion starts with working around patient-physician relationships and pharma participating there. See what is good for your range of products.

What can you and I do? And how will it be different?

We can try new ways. We can try new things. We can try new media. We can look at Social Media tools for Pharma Marketing.

It requires your updated hands-on field knowledge and derived objectives to be mapped to the social media ideas and skills.

Social Media can make you move forward. The leap could be very big if done right.

Let me know what you think. Buzz me for more customized discussions.

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  1. Nice post. Here are some marketing ideas for Pharma marketers to gain new clients.
    Thanks for sharing.
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  2. @Sandra Thanks for your comments.

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