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Recently I posted saying that online is a way of life and becoming the means of survival for all of us. The SME(small and medium enterprises) owners still ask me if I think that people do serious things online or if their customers are online.

I tell them some customized exercises to find out and test a few things out. The exercises bring in a lot of awareness and help kick-start the next steps.

I am giving below some of the online activities that I do and depend on them apart from my regular work-related online productivity stuff.

I do banking, remittances, bill payments, money transfer, Insurance, top-up of stored value accounts, shopping, railway and airline tickets online.

I check products, compare and read reviews online.

I watch and share video clips, read and share blogs, keep in touch with family and friends through online social networks.

I upload, download photos, videos and podcasts. All online. And much more.

Do you see how I am being an online customer for so many products and services as above?

Are you an online customer? How many of these and more do you do online? Make your list.

Now ask this question yourself, “Do you think that your customers could be available online?”

Your customers are online.

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